Host A Fundraiser

Earning money for your school, church or club has never been tastier! 

 Looking for unique fundraising ideas to support your school, non-profit, church, sports team, college, small groups, mission trip, PTO/PTA, club, or any other organization – consider a coffee fundraiser!

Our Tribe offers TWO ways to do a Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

In Person (Traditional) Fundraiser
  • Hand out Our Tribe Order Forms 
  • Set a fundraiser end date
  • Collect all order forms 
  • Submit orders to Our Tribe
  • Receive your FULL Order within 2 weeks with FREE SHIPPING 
On Line Fundraiser 
  • We will provide a code for your organization to use for online orders
  • Set a fundraiser end date
  • Receive your FULL Order within 2 weeks with FREE SHIPPING 
  • We will ship all online orders nationwide
Click here to be one step closer to Hosting your own coffee and tea  fundraiser