What do you mean by 'high quality'?

All of our coffee is specialty grade, meaning it is the top 5 - 7% of coffee in the world, no additives, just coffee. 

Is Your Coffee Gluten Free?

We use a dedicated coffee roasting and sorting facility and therefore our coffee does NOT come in contact with gluten products. 

Do You Use Artificial Flavors? 

We use nothing but the freshest coffee and natural flavors in our coffee, and only the coffees specifically stated as being flavored have these flavors added. All of the rest of the profile comes from the way the amazing growers do their job, the unique geographic features of each location, soil type, sun exposure... 

Do You Add Sugar? 

We NEVER add sugar to our coffee

Is Your Coffee Vegan? 

YES!!! We only put coffee in our coffee! 

But Is Your Coffee Fresh? 

We never roast our coffee before you place your order. Every order is roasted to order and shipped directly to you! 

How Log Will My Coffee Stay Fresh? 

If stored in an airtight container in a dry dark place, your coffee can stay fresh for up to 9 months

Can I Change My Subscription?

Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription at ANY time

Is Your Coffee KETO Friendly? 

Yes indeed. Our coffee makes a great addition to your KETO friendly diet. No sugars added, just yummy goodness!